Love Your Fascia – Myofascial Release Workshop in Prague

Love Your Fascia – Myofascial Release Workshop in Prague

Love your fascia – By BarrettYoga
Do you want to soften your body and have a better ROM = Range of motion? Your fascia can cause pain in you body and restrict your movements. What you believe is muscle pain may very well be tight and sore fascia.
This practice can also help you achieve deeper stretches and to access more advanced yoga poses, since we create more space in the tissue.In this workshop we pay full attention to our fascia also called connective tissue, by using techniques of self massage called MFR Myofascial Release.We will use professional eco friendly yoga balls called RAD Recovery rounds, specially designed for yoga & MFR.

The BarrettYoga experience is a fun relaxing workshop, where you will be guided to let go of tensions in both body and mind.

Lilu keeps it light and humorous, but still goes deep within the tissue and sore muscles to loosen up all the built up stress and anxiety there can be stored in the body.

She will guide you through many sore spots in you body, with focus on the whole back, neck and shoulders.

In addition to the self-massage, you will connect to your breath and move in slow yoga flows, to get
the blood and energy flowing through your body.

You will feel renewed in body and mind – and deeply relaxed since this practice stimulates your
nervous system and allows you to let go completely.

Last but not least you will experience the soothing soundhealing from Lilu’s Handpan, while she guides you into your final relaxation of deep Savasana.

I cant wait to visit you all in Prague and Yoga collective

With Love



Bestilling 👇